Welcome! You have arrived at VLI's online blended ESL learning portal. For tutorial enquiries, contracted classes and online access, contact VLI's Director of Instruction, Mr. David Jackson, at 604-986-3718, or email vli@esl.vanc.ca .

Teaching and Learning ESL at VLI:

Note: Besides being based on sound learning theory, a further significant advantage of the individualized nature of our instruction is that new student intake is flexible.

Our teaching/tutoring method is both individualized and two stranded; one strand is syllabus based while the second strand promotes situational task-based communication and fluency skills. Competency levels are individually assigned, so classroom/group cohorts are multi-level where students collaborate in achieving individual teacher/student set outcomes.

Our levels are informed by the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages": learning, teaching, assessment. This framework was developed by the Council of Europe and is now being implemented by many reputable educational institutions internationally.

    Available courses

    These tutorials are offered on alternate days, M-W-F  from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Students programs are professionally managed by a BC certified K-12 ESL and BC certified category 6 Generalist subject teacher. K-12 students can get support with both school assignments and associated language. This practical attention to the student's needs should serve as an effective and helpful motivation for the student(s) to pay attention to instruction and learning.

    Associated optional homework is available online.

    Have us help meet your child's school and grade, English, Math, and Numeracy needs in a safe and comfortable environment.

    This B1001 ESL (8-12) course allows for individual progress in reading and guided composition, with needs-based tutorial feedback on grammar and style deficiencies. An online portfolio option and supplemental activities act to reinforce learned competencies. Online student collaboration is encouraged.

    This is a 'blended course' with both one-on-one tutorial support and online access to associated resources. 

    The course is an exploration of the IELTS exam format and what to expect at exam time. This course is intended for Upper Intermediate (B2) and Advanced (C1 and C2) ESL students who intend to write the IELTS exam.


    New students should have the ability to express themselves in a limited way in familiar situations and to deal in a general way with new information.


    CAN ask to open an account at a bank, where the procedure is straightforward. 

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